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Daniel Miller, 25, and his brother Benjamin, 36, are the pioneers behind Fundrise, a Web platform that lets communities invest in local real estate projects.

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Dan and Ben Miller began tugging two years ago at a simple question they believe is central to the failings of the American real estate industry.

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Instead of building first and asking questions later, one Seattle project is crowdsourcing ideas about what should go in their new space.

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It’s not all that difficult to identify what kinds of new development a neighborhood needs. There’s no pharmacy, no grocer, no gas station for miles? These are pretty obvious missing pieces in a community.

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Fox Business News Interview with WestMill Capital Principal and Fundrise Co-Founder, Benjamin Miller

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Popularise, a new Washington, D.C., website, gives users a way to tell developers what they want.

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From the pyramid to modern skyscrapers in the Middle East, the world’s greatest structures have often risen on the backs of the masses. Now the masses can finance them, and earn a profit.

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Washington Post — by Abha Bhattarai Date: August 20, 2012Last week Kyle McMahon sat down at his computer and bought a $100 share in a building on H Street NE.It was the first time he had ever purchased a stake in a business. “Aside from whatever my retirement plan has in it — which, sadly, I […]

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Venture Beat — by Matt Marshall Date: August 19, 2012 Fundrise, a newly launched company, is democratizing the cumbersome real estate investment industry by letting any person invest $100 for a share in the deal. It’s the latest company to ride the wave of enthusiasm around crowd-sourced funding, a trend sparked in part by the recent JOBS Act legislation. […]

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The tycoon Herbert S. Miller developed real estate the old-fashioned way: He built it. His sons, Ben and Dan Miller, want us and everyone we know to decide the next big commercial real estate deal.

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This week’s Business Journal profiles Ben and Daniel Miller, son of Herb, who’ve split off from their father’s empire and set up a $10 million fund for something desperately needed around the District.

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WestMill in May will launch a $10 million fund to help local, proven entrepreneurs buy real estate in up-and-coming neighborhoods in Washington DC.

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The nearly 1-acre AutoZone parcel that consumes much of the 1200 block of H Street NE has been sold by H Street Community Development Corp. to WestMill Capital for $3.9 million

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