About Us – WestMill Capital

WestMill Capital Partners is a real estate investment company focused on the acquisition, financing, and development of retail-entertainment and urban, mixed-use properties in Washington, DC. We specialize in creative retail mixes authentic to the local area.


In 2010, WestMill Capital spun-off from Western Development Corp. to focus on retail-driven real estate development in Washington, DC. WestMill’s founders, Benjamin and Daniel Miller, acquired, financed and developed more than two million square feet of real estate in their seven years at Western Development Corp.

WestMill retains a connection to its family affiliate through its advisory board, led by Herbert S. Miller, founder and Chairman of Western Development. Since its inception in 1967, Western Development has built more than 20 million square feet of retail, office, and residential space, and most notably some of Washington DC’s premier urban, mixed-use projects.

Western Development’s flagship mixed-use projects include Gallery Place, Market Square, Georgetown Park, and Washington Harbour. Each project required innovative collaborations with Federal and local government and illustrates Western’s deep understanding of the development process in the District of Columbia.

Western Development’s expertise in retail led to the opening of Potomac Mills in 1985. Western then developed Sawgrass Mills in South Florida, Gurnee Mills in the Chicago/Milwaukee Metroplex and Franklin Mills in Philadelphia. In 1994, Western Development oversaw the listing of The Mills Corporation on the New York Stock Exchange with an initial enterprise value of $1.3 billion.

WestMill Capital launches with a similarly innovative spirit and a specific focus on creative, retail-entertainment and mixed-use development in Washington, DC.


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