About Us – WestMill Capital

WestMill Capital is a value-oriented investment firm specializing in inefficient markets and alternative investments. We want to be where no one else is and invest aggressively until the fundamentals change or the market is saturated with competitors. We aim not only to achieve outstanding returns for our investors, but also to use our capital to empower entrepreneurs and catalyze productive economic development.

Our investment philosophy is closely intertwined with our open, entrepreneurial organizational structure. We grant autonomy to our employees to pursue compelling investment opportunities and develop new strategies. By aspiring to be in constant motion, we can more quickly respond to market shifts and move resources towards opportunities with more attractive fundamentals.

Our investment strategy begins with top-down analysis of a market’s competitive dynamics and follows with bottom-up fundamental research to uncover the best opportunities in a specific market segment. We look to share investments with strong partners, which allows our company to quickly understand new markets and responsibly manage a diverse investment portfolio.