Neighborhood Development Venture Capitalists – WestMill Capital

September 19, 2011

This week’s Business Journal profiles Ben and Daniel Miller, son of Herb, who’ve split off from their father’s empire and set up a $10 million fund for something desperately needed around the District: Startup capital to help promising retail and restaurant projects lock down real estate.

Starting in May, WestMill Capital Partners–soon to be headquartered right above Kramerbooks in Dupont Circle–wants to do five deals in 12 months with operators who’ve already got successful projects in the Washington area and are looking for a second or third location. They’ll focus on “underused buildings in vacant parcels” in “up-and-coming neighborhoods such as H Street NE, Bloomingdale and North Capitol Street.”

These are the guys who recently bought Autozone on H Street and will eventually develop it into something more enlivening than an autobody shop. Their website they “built WestMill from the ground up to assail the status quo.” Yikes!