Our Values – WestMill Capital

At WestMill, our values are not a hollow set of catchwords written for corporate literature; we deliberately emphasize them in all aspects of our company to foster an open, entrepreneurial culture based on collaboration and accountability.

We seek employees who are perpetually in search of interesting ideas. WestMill’s aim is to continually launch new businesses, so we need our entire organization on the lookout for opportunities.

We want employees who have diverse interests and enjoy thinking critically. In order to come up with creative solutions, our employees must be genuinely interested in whatever subject matter requires their focus. Unlike many investment firms, we do not push our employees to master menial, repetitive processes; instead, we encourage them to develop an expansive worldview and pursue intriguing opportunities.

Our organization rests on the belief that motivated, intelligent employees work most effectively with a coordinated high-level strategy and broad latitude in daily activities. To successfully balance the autonomy of this system, employees must take responsibility for their actions. While we are supportive of prudent risk-taking, we demand accountability from everyone in our organization and do not accept the passing of responsibility to others.

We foster fiercely open communication and healthy debate inside and outside our company. To successfully innovate and develop new businesses, we need our employees to speak candidly and vet new ideas without fear of reproach. We encourage everyone at WestMill to voice his or her opinion, regardless of title, in a direct and respectful manner. We celebrate the practice of asking top people tough questions, are transparent about our conflicts of interest, and encourage others to bring the same scrutiny to their own conflicts.

At WestMill, we do not tolerate rudeness or arrogance; we will happily find someone else who can be a more cohesive part of our organization. Since we spend a large portion of our time working together, we want to create a comfortable environment without unnecessary office politics or competing egos. Our employees must not only be exceptional–they must also appreciate that building things as a team is more important than promoting individual accomplishments.