Real Estate Entrepreneurship – WestMill Capital

Partner with real estate entrepreneurs to purchase, develop, and jointly manage project execution and business creation


Small-scale real estate entrepreneurs struggle because of the scale, reputation, and capital required to thrive in real estate development

What We Do

WestMill Capital seeks out best-in-class real estate entrepreneurs to link into our shared brainpower, capital, and infrastructure. WestMill Capital not only provides capital and financing, but also co-develops projects throughout the full project execution pipeline. We provide the centralized services that allow the real estate entrepreneur to focus on his or her greatest skill—finding and executing investment and development opportunities.

We address the key issues facing real estate entrepreneurs:

  • Scale — Must consistently do deals to cover overhead necessary to maintain a development company, especially during down-cycle periods
  • Cyclicality — Attachment to volatile economic cycles; expanding an organization too rapidly to take advantage of deal flow when times are good and missing stable, long-term capital when times are bad
  • Access to Capital — Disproportionate time spent fundraising instead of finding new opportunities
  • Short-Term Focus — The need to sell successful, stabilized projects to unlock capital for other deals, rather than building wealth through long-term ownership (receive partnership/UPREIT units in stabilized deals)

Although the real estate entrepreneur may give up some of the upside and control of their specific deal, they gain greater lifting power, an efficient organization, the benefits of working with other top entrepreneurs and sector experts, exposure to more projects and sectors, and a broadened capital base.