Strategies – WestMill Capital

We provide equity funding for retail-entertainment, restaurant, and mixed-use developments in the Washington DC metro area. We partner with real estate entrepreneurs and local operators to purchase, develop, and jointly manage projects that contribute to the dynamic revitalization of local neighborhoods.


The market for equity and finance dramatically tightened during the credit crisis and has remained expensive due to lenders’ risk-aversion and equity investors’ excessive return expectations. Dozens of experienced operators and developers have stalled projects that we will kickstart.

What We Do

WestMill Capital seeks out best-in-class local operators and real estate entrepreneurs to link into our shared brainpower, capital, and infrastructure. WestMill Capital not only provides capital and financing, but can also co-develop projects throughout the full project execution pipeline. We provide capital and support to allow operators to focus on their greatest skill—managing concept development and the day-to-day operations of their business.