The 25 most expensive buildings in the world

To create something that impresses and arouses awe takes a lot of time, a lot of work and, above all, a lot of money. The purchase of space, the design of complex and massive structures, manpower, materials, delays in deadlines… in the end, building something larger than life costs you far more than you can earn…

1. the Cosmopolitan Resort

Las Vegas is home to the Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino. This complex cost almost $4 billion to build.

2. Resorts World Sentosa.

A hotel complex located south of Singapore on Sentosa Island. The cost of the project is approaching $5 billion.

3. Applewood Park.

California was chosen as the location for Appel Communications Park. Recently built, it cost about $5 billion.

4. Marina Bay Sands.

About $5.5 billion is the cost of this hotel complex located in Singapore.

5. Abraj Al Bait Towers.

Owned by the government, it has been classified as one of the most expensive structures in the world as it is worth up to $15 billion.

6. Bank of America Tower

This skyscraper located in Manhattan cost $1 trillion.

7. Hilton Niagara Falls Hotel

The Hilton Niagara Falls Hotel is worth about $1 billion and is located in Canada.

8. Mercury City Tower.

This is a $1 billion skyscraper located in Moscow.

9. U.S. Embassy in London

The budget for the new U.S. Embassy in London is about $1 billion.