The price of living in the most expensive buildings in the world: up to 2,700 million

Looking for a house is not an easy job. Sometimes, a large number of citizens have to face a multitude of difficulties to find one that suits their needs and that, in addition, does not have an excessively high price. On the one hand, some of the offers currently on the market are properties that could be used as the setting for a horror movie. Others, which are more suited to our taste, have a value that is unattainable.

Have you ever thought what a mortgage on one of the most important palaces or architectural projects in the world could cost? So that we are not left with the doubt, CaixaBank has estimated what people would have to pay if they wanted to live in the most expensive buildings around the world. In its analysis, the entity has taken as a reference the cost of this right that taxes the real estate for a period of time of 25 years. The result includes the Quirinal Palace, Buckingham Palace, Hofburg Palace, the Forbidden City and the Louvre Palace.

The Louvre Palace.

This architectural space, located on the banks of the Seine River in Paris, has evolved over several centuries. At first, this construction had a warlike function, since it was born as a defensive tower. However, from the 16th century onwards, it was remodeled as a majestic palace that served as an example to demonstrate the power of the French monarchy of the time. According to the calculations of Compare The Market, this is the most expensive building in the world. It has 200,000 square meters and is now a museum that houses such renowned works as La Gioconda, by Leonardo da Vinci. The platform estimates its price at 2.7 billion euros, which would mean a mortgage of 9 billion a month.

The Forbidden City

The second most expensive property in the world is in China, specifically in Beijing. It is the Forbidden City, a construction that is part of the Imperial City. Built during the first years of the 15th century, this palace complex has an extension of 1,500 square meters and for centuries served as the seat of the court of the Empire. Its value is estimated at 1.97 billion euros and its mortgage would be 6.8 billion euros.

Hofburg Palace

The bronze goes to the Hofburg Palace. This building was erected in the city of Vienna and for years hosted most of the Austrian royalty, especially the Habsburg dynasty. Currently, it is used as a residence for the President of the Republic of the country. It has 240,000 square meters and a price tag of 1.8 billion euros. Its mortgage would entail a monthly outlay of 6.3 billion euros.

For its part, Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom is worth 1.5 billion euros or a monthly rent of 5 billion euros. Finally, the Quirinal Palace in Italy closes this list. The current home of the country’s President of the Republic would cost 780 million euros or a mortgage of 2.6 billion euros.

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