Luxury cars, elegant clothes made of the world’s finest fabrics, or exclusive accessories are items that make a millionaire stand out. However, the properties where the world’s richest people live are often the most talked about because of their luxury, amenities, and location.


We have compiled information on the 10 most expensive properties in the world, if you consider yourself a millionaire, your home must be one of them.


10. 56 Leonard.

Located in New York City, the property under construction will be 483 square meters and cost about €37,949,466.


The building will consist of 10 unique penthouses with floor-to-ceiling windows, a private elevator and a swimming pool.


9. The Clermont Residence.

This luxury residence is being built in the city of Singapore and will measure 1,961 square meters and have a price tag of €37,949,466.


It will be the tallest residential building in Singapore, and its penthouses will have 3 floors and a roof garden.


8. Opus Apartments

Opus is a 502 square meter building designed by Frank Gehry in Hong Kong and has a price tag of €48,460,288.


The building consists of 12 floors, each of which is an apartment with its own swimming pool.


7. South Bank Tower.

Located in London, the capital of England, this building under construction will have 483 square meters and cost more than 72 million euros.


Among its remarkable features is a view of the London Eye on the banks of the Thames. Construction is expected to be completed in 2015.


6. 432 Park Avenue.

This building of more than 1,258 square meters is located in New York City and will be the second tallest residential building in the world capital, costing about 76,746,817 euros.


Among the features of this building are radiant floors in the bathrooms and outdoor terraces for up to 300 guests.


5. City Spire Apartments

City Spire is the tallest townhouse unit in the United States, with 743 square meters in New York City and a price of €80,759,773.


Each apartment has a separate elevator, and inside the building there are 20 dining rooms that can cater to residents and guests.


4. One57 penthouses.

Áticos One57 is also located in New York City and is priced at €92,866,508.


It has a grooming and pet training room, a yoga studio and a ballroom for 200 guests.


3. Penthouse at the Hotel Pierre

The penthouse at the Pierre Hotel in New York is 1,114 square meters and has a price of €100,981,810.


It has four side-by-side terraces, guest and staff suites, and the hotel also provides its residents with two maids, who are the service staff.


2. One Hyde Park Penthouses

The property has an area of 1,579 square meters, is located in the city of London, and its value exceeds 191,490,434 euros.


This building is guarded by SWAT patrols who are responsible for the security of the place, and its windows are bulletproof. Inside the apartments there is a simulated golf course.


1. Sky penthouse in the Odeon Tower

This penthouse has 3,300 square meters of living space spread over 5 floors, each with a kitchen, a dance floor that connects to the private pool via a slide, and a full-time concierge service.


The value of this property is 312 million euros.